About Us

About Us:
The Moonlighter is published 10 times a year, monthly from February thru June and September thru November, with combined July/August and December/January issues.

It is a free magazine, paid for by advertisements from local businesses. The present circulation is
6000 copies, distributed throughout Tioga & Broome Counties in NY (and limited distribution in Bradford & Susquehanna Counties in PA), and most recently, expansion into Tompkins County, with distribution to several businesses and the colleges in Ithaca.  We celebrated our 16th anniversary issue with the September 2017 issue!

We’ve gotten excellent feedback since we started publishing in September 2001, with a loyal readership that eagerly anticipates each edition. There are approximately 150 subscribers throughout the country who receive The Moonlighter by mail; all other distribution is at drop-off points where free papers are picked up, such as Weis Markets, Wegmans, Price Chopper and Tops grocery stores, pharmacies, gift shops, convenience stores, gas/service stations, newspaper stores, etc.  And all businesses that advertise are given copies to place on counter tops or in racks for their customers to pick up. The Moonlighter is a unique periodical, with an upbeat flavor and interesting reading material. The comment we hear most frequently is “there’s something for everyone!”

We encourage our readers to shop locally, and each month we feature a local artist on the cover, with an artist bio inside, which gives free exposure to artists and enables us to have a fresh, interesting new cover each month!

Our ad rates are reasonable, to provide an advertising venue for local small businesses.
A Dining Guide offers local restaurants, diners & coffee shops a place to advertise. We include a coupon in the Dining Guide section for readers to fill in and return to us. From all entries received during the month, we draw one name, and the winner is given a certificate good for $10 to use at any one of the restaurants featured that month. The restaurant simply honors the certificate as cash and we reimburse the restaurant the $10, so there is no cost to them to participate in the Dining Guide promotion.

The Moonlighter is a labor of love!
Staffing consists of 2 Co-Publishers.  Some articles, stories and poetry is provided by readers and guest writers.  We feature one local artist in each issue, displaying their original artwork on the cover and including their bio in the issue.

Some unsolicited notes and phone call messages from readers…

“Your paper is good for our restaurant.”

“So many of us look forward to your Moonlighter.”

“It is interesting, informative, amusing and thought and action provoking. It’s a special little treasure in this area.”

“Just wanted you to know…I’m 92 years old, and I was feeling down this morning, and then I read The Moonlighter and I feel better. Thank you.”

“I look forward to the next Moonlighter, as it always has funny jokes and good stories.”

“…I thoroughly enjoy reading it from cover to cover.”

“The Pastor’s Study, humor and even the ads are great. It makes me want to visit these businesses.”

“…you have given something good to the world. Thank you and God bless you.”

“We are thankful for the magazine each month.”

“It helps me smile. Keep up the good work.”

“My sincere thanks for hours of enjoyment.”